Business and Financial Consultant, Philip Smith

As a Business and Financial Consultant Philip Smith offers support and guidance to help small to medium enterprises better coordinate their business activities, allowing them to run smoother, more efficient, cost-effective, and compliant operations.

Philip does this by delving into the key areas of an operation and identifying where the short falls lie. Once these have been identified, Philip can provide solutions, implementation strategies and will then work with the business to put these improvements in place. This allows businesses to operate at their most efficient and profitable.

Areas of Work

As Chartered Accountant with extensive experience as General Manager of a state of the art metal processing company, including hands-on operational knowledge, Philip is perfectly positioned to partner with you to improve the following areas of your business:

Cash Flow (working capital requirements)
Sales (process, quotes/ tenders, S&M plan)
Production (WIP, MRP/ERP control, targets)
Quality (procedure & ISO accreditations)
Human Resources
Financial (forecasting, budgets, new equipment)
Risk (insurance, debtors, safety)
Supply Chain (supplier DIFOT, pricing, payment terms)
Business Services (Govt grants, plant investment, own/lease/rent)

How Philip Can Help You?

Philip can review any specific areas of your organisation to provide and or execute a strategy plan to streamline the entire operation, allowing you to get the best out of every department.

He is committed to the importance of developing strong and healthy relationships, especially for long term growth. As part of every plan Philip always identifies and embeds relationship building into the strategy to better develop sustainable growth.

Scope of Work

Philip Smith can identify and assist with:

  • Audits (business or individual)
  • Assist with specific business shortfalls
  • Develop & execute action plans
  • Provide time specific support such as a set number of hours per week

Why Philip

Philip immerses himself in the business, getting to intimately know your operation and team. He works with all stakeholders to produce a workable solution that is personally customised to your business.

Because he genuinely cares as much as you do and wants to see your problems behind you. Philip's goal is to have you moving confidently forward with clarity and purpose around your growth prospects.

About Business and Financial Consultant, Philip Smith

As a chartered accountant, Philip Smith has extensive experience as a financial and strategic manager. He is a seasoned General Manager and has expertise in the field of sales, risk management, human resources, production and supply chain management.

Under his control, businesses have seen operational growth of over 200%, securing strong balance sheets that have protected them from otherwise damaging economic events and allowed for future growth.

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